EASS Ltd install and maintain CCTV systems suitable for home and business. 

With many options available, CCTV is the perfect solution in ensuring your property is protected with the best technology and installation, with the availability to view your cameras from any where in the world via your phone or tablet device.

Take a look below at some of the products and services.



Hikvision is the world’s leading provider of innovative security products and solutions.

EASS Ltd uses Hikvision cameras as they are of premium quality and tailored to your specific requirements, whether they are for domestic or commercial use. In order to provide you with the best systems while being easy operate and maintain, we can offer Network and Digital Video Recorders that store everything your camera records on hard drives, USB flash drives, and high security cloud storage off-site, or any other storage device you may require, all of these with links to the internet which then direct all important recordings and alerts directly to your computer or smartphone in a quick, efficient process from anywhere in the world. 

Service & Maintenance


CCTV Systems require regular maintenance by a qualified engineer to ensure it is working to its full potential. In regards to a monitored system, it is a legal requirement for it to be regularly maintained at specified intervals.

EASS Ltd offers a comprehensive range of Service Agreement Options to cover anything from Analogue to IP Systems.

 Our preventative service maintenance visits include a comprehensive list of equipment checks to ensure your security system remains effective at all times.